Risk Management Professional Services

Protecting your online business

At NETBANX we understand that risk management is more than just technology. To assist our merchants in protecting their online business and reducing their fraud liability, we use a comprehensive 360° approach to risk management.

The NETBANX gateway is the first line of defense for fraud and provides you with all the state-of-the-art tools for preventing and detecting fraud. It includes leading-edge risk-management technology and uses a sophisticated, real-time, proprietary risk rules engine as well as leading global validation tests and fraud-detection services. We constantly keep up with global fraud trends and add new fraud screening tools.

If your business is susceptible to certain fraud issues, we can customize rules to match your business model or industry. Our risk management team can work with you to identify risk issues and develop and deploy a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy that best suits your business. Our experts can also help navigate the evolving PCI compliance requirements.

  • Customized fraud settings
  • Real-time global fraud monitoring
  • Best practices consulting
  • PCI DSS consulting