Chargeback Management

As most ecommerce merchants are aware, chargebacks can happen when accepting ecommerce credit card payments. When customers dispute charges or charge back transactions for items purchased, the merchant is held liable for the funds in question. It is critical that merchants actively dispute chargebacks to minimize their losses and maintain acceptable chargeback thresholds; not disputing chargebacks can cost your business money and can negatively affect its standing with the card associations and acquiring banks. Given the complex nature of disputing chargebacks with the issuing banks, we can understand the frustration merchants face.

NETBANX Smart Dispute System

NETBANX provides an automated “Smart Dispute” system that fully automates the chargeback dispute process, making sure deadlines are met and no chargeback goes unresolved. Through NETBANX extensive banking relationships, chargebacks are electronically routed to our proprietary Smart Dispute system, where they are analyzed and disputed based on your behalf. Our chargeback management team is also on hand to assist you in implementing best practices for avoiding chargebacks.

  • Automatically retrieves and disputes chargebacks on behalf of the merchant
  • Monitors chargeback thresholds to ensure merchants remain within acceptable limits
  • Prevents chargebacks from occurring by stopping fraudulent transactions from being processed
  • Assists merchants in disputing invalid chargebacks and recovering funds