Your guide to PCI compliance
Everything you need to know about online payment security standards

Online payment fraud is big business, costing UK e-commerce retailers an estimated £535 million per year. The reason? Today’s fraudsters are becoming increasingly savvy, strategically targeting sensitive consumer data in their efforts to pose as legitimate customers to unwary online merchants.

Fraudsters are taking advantage of weak security systems to acquire credit card data. Shocking examples of high profile security breaches are hitting the news. Combined with the escalating cost of online payment fraud and wavering consumer confidence, credit card companies introduced PCI DSS, an industry best practices guideline to protecting online business from fraud. This whitepaper outlines the PCI Data Security Standard and key issues with non PCI compliance.

“Your guide to PCI compliance ” discusses:

  • The PCI Data Security Standard
  • The cost of not complying with PCI standards
  • How to estimate the cost of a data breach
  • Options for becoming PCI compliant

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