Do you provide merchant accounts to individuals?

Yes, a merchant account can be granted to sole proprietors and partnerships.

What is a merchant identification number (MID)?

A merchant number (or merchant ID, also abbreviated as MID) is required for any type of payment transaction processing to enable banking systems to track payments and ensure the funds are paid out to your bank account once the transaction has been completed.

How can I get a MID?

Merchant numbers are assigned by an acquiring bank at the moment when a merchant account is granted. You will need a separate merchant account/merchant ID for every legal entity or type of business you need to process payments for.

Can any category of business apply for a merchant account?

Please contact our sales representatives for information on the types of businesses we accept.

How long does it take to get a merchant account?

Obtaining a merchant bureau account typically takes 2 to 3 weeks after application and supporting documentation are collected, approved and submitted to the acquiring bank.

Do I need a website to accept payments?

In some instances, having a website is not a requirement for taking payments. You can accept payments over the telephone or in person, enter transactions into the NETBANX virtual terminal or submit a batch file.

What integration options do you offer?

We offer integration options for all levels of expertise – from off-the-shelf shopping carts that require little or no experience to use, through to detailed integrations meeting your specific needs.

How do I track payments through my site?

The NETBANX back office, includes online reporting records that details all the transactions we process for you. It allows you to view individual transactions including approvals and declines, to manually complete authorized transactions, and to refund transactions, as well as many other useful functions.