Online merchant accounts across the country are expanding their hold over the e-commerce industry, displaying a strong confidence from corporate America toward the new business venture.

Apparel giant H&M, a long time holdout, announced this morning that they'd be opening their long awaited online store in August, according to an official tweet from the company. Innumerable accounts responded positively to the news, celebrating the soon-to-come online store, and ecstatic that they'd be able to use online payment processing to shop at their favorite store without ever having to leave the house.

But H&M isn't the only large-scale retailer augmenting and improving their e-commerce options. Earlier this week, Daily Finance reported that Amazon is currently building new distribution centers in areas that feature large concentrations of their customers – which will both lower their shipping costs, and increase the convenience factor that's already inherent in online shopping options. The news source also reports that Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and other retailers are experimenting with shipping out online orders from brick-and-mortar retailers, as opposed to from their warehouses, for the same purpose.

Among all the changes, one thing is clear: retailers need to begin to employ online payment tools, or their competitors – and an e-commerce obsessed public – will leave them behind.

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