Mobile technology has led to new advances in the payment sector. Clerks no longer need to stay behind a counter to assist customers if they have mobile payment gateways that allow them to process payments right on the sales floor.  Some department stores have already taken to this new model, and JC Penney recently announced it’s following suit, as reported by the Tri-City Herald.

“We call them Libbys, short for liberator, because they liberate our team members from the cash register,” Danielle Hinton, manager of a Tri-City JC Penney store, told the source, while explaining that some of the company’s locations now uses iPods instead of traditional point-of-sale systems. 

The choice to transition to new retail technology is advantageous on a number of levels – it facilitates faster transactions to improve store productivity, fosters relationships between employees and customers and can boost satisfaction with service. 

“Customers are enjoying the fact they can be rung up anywhere. It can happen as you leave the store, exit the fitting room, anywhere in the store that it’s convenient,” Hinton added. 

As these terminals become mainstream, it’s important that merchants ensure their fraud prevention tools are just as effective. Tokenization solutions can keep customers’ sensitive data safe from breaches because it replaces credit card data with a unique token before it’s ever transmitted, processed or stored. 


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