The ecommerce market is still maturing, as participating companies span categories and attract participation from a wider range of consumers. Web-based shopping was once primarily used by tech-savvy customers who were making online payments for digital media, but it’s expanding. Now, older shoppers are going on the internet for merchandise that might not seem to translate to ecommerce well, such as beauty products and apparel. 

Yet, those two categories have seen some of the biggest advances in recent years. A study by the Integer Group revealed that Baby Boomers’ online shopping participation increased 4.5 percent when current figures are compared with those from 2011. In fact, customers between the ages of 50 and 64 are spending 12 percent more on health and beauty products when fielded against with transaction totals from the same time frame in 2011. 

These trends explain why tech startups such as Birchbox, have seen immense success, according to Fast Company. The firm sends sample-sized beauty products to subscribers on a recurring basis. This allows buyers to explore brands’ offerings and discover which items might be their new favorites, and the approach gives companies greater reach to connect with additional patrons. 


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