In order to curb the potential skimming attacks on RFID-enabled credit cards and smartphones, companies are releasing purses and wallets with built-in guards to protect consumers from security breaches and fraud transactions. 

The MIAmobi line of handbags and cases are designed to prevent hackers from taking data from cards and smartphones while they're in the case. Additionally, the bags can block calls and messages so users have more control over their connectivity and privacy. These produts use a nano-silver lining to interfere with electromagnetic transmissions. 

Recursion Ventures, a security research and consulting company, offers a credit-card shaped protection device called the Guard Bunny. According to Forbes, the prototype blocks RFID-signals using a chip that deflects RFID-reader signals and jams transmissions. The company also designed the Guard Bunny wallet with light-up eyes that alert users when an RFID-scanner is at work nearby, the source reports.

Most of the available products offer a physical barrier, such as an aluminum or stainless steel plate that blocks radio signals. According to Consumer Reports, a home made shield of duct tape lined with aluminum foil worked better than eight out of ten guard-wallets, meaning that designers have a long way to go to offer customers reliable fraud management. 

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